Where To Stay

If you are planning for overnites, please find the following information:

1. Where to stay in Royal Belum

campsite Sungai Kejar -camping ground can accomodate maximum 50 person, complete with kitchen, dining hall open type, campsites under hut, hall for discussion, open space, toilets, water and surau. Electricity must be informed earlier to State Park if guest want to use, otherwise guest can bring their own generator. Close to waterfalls, jungle trekking, Sira, Orang Asli village and best of nature.

campsite Sungai Tiang – this campsite is located 45 minutes away from banding Public Jetty and can accomdate maximum 30-40pax. Available ameneties are kitchen, surau, hut, 2 person chalet, clean toilets, jetty, and water supply. Electricity is upon request. This campsite is close to Lata Belanga waterfalls, Lata Ko’oi, Orang Asli Sungai Tiang and rafllesia.

campsite Jenut Papan – this campsite only have a hall, toilets, kitchen and clean water supply. Guest are allowed to sleep on the hall or camping on the side. The hanging bridge connects to forestry area where visitors can learn about tropical plants, walk to Salt Lick (Sira) and wild animal viewing hut. Jenut Papan is also a 3 hrs trekking to Sungai Ruok Kelah Sanctuary. Perfect place for photographers.

2. Where to stay in Banding Island area

chalet Mohamad Shah – TBA

hotel Belum Rainforest Resort – TBA www.belumresort.com

hotel Banding Lakeside Inn – newly built hotel with 115 rooms, complete with WiFi, coffee house and nicely located on the route to Kelantan or Baling. This hotel also eqquipped with air-condition, safety box, swimming pool and ample parking space. Visit www.bandinglakesideinn.com

3. Where to stay in Temenggor Dam / Lake area

chalet Pulau Tali Kail – can accomodate 200pax at one time, complete with electricity and water, VIP chalet, 2 person chalet, family rooms, campsite, boys and girls dormitories, surau, kitchen, lab, hall, dining hall, clean toilets

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chalet Kem Rimba Riang, Tanjung Palok – TBA

chalet Pulau Pendidikan – TBA

chalet Pulau ATM – TBA

chalet Tasik Temenggor Dicovery Island – TBA (http://www.ttdi.com.my)

4. Where to stay in Gerik town area

– Rumah Rehat Gerik

– hotel Shar Shalom

– hotel Gerik

– hotel MZ

– hotel Avana

– hotel Great Wall

– hotel Friendly Park

– hotel Golden City

– hotel Rome

– hotel Bee Loon

– hotel Cemara Inn

– Resort Lata Lawin (latalawin.wordpress.com)

5. Where to stay in Lenggong town area

– Rumah Rehat Lenggong

– Resort Tasik Raban

– Nur Lembah Lenggong

6. Where to stay in Baling town area

7. Where to stay in Pengkalan Hulu (Kroh) area

– Rumah Rehat Pengkalan Hulu

– Info http://pengkalan-hulu.blogspot.com/

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