27-29 March: Fishing Trip

Sungai Papan Campsite, 27-29 March 2009: En Yunus, his team and Belum Outdoor Adventure were in Sungai Papan campsite for fishing trip. The group enjoyed all day fishing and casting, visiting the Sira Papan, Orang Asli village in Sungai Tiang and Tengas Expedition to Lata Belanga.

Our guide, Mr Ridzuan, has been kind enough to cook and be the guide at the same time. We enjoyed lovely meals 6 times a day!! With free flow of drinks.

The fishing is the most challenging part. Most of our baits are either live or dead and the fish never find it interesting at all even with added flavor to it. They are getting clever and clever this day.
Nonethe less, the worms still looks yummy.

Belum Outdoor Adventure team report.