Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia

Located in Northern Perak district, Malaysia, Royal Belum State Park is surrounded by Thailand border on the northern side, Malaysia East-West highway on the Southern side and state of Kelantan on the Eastern side. The area shares border with Bang Lang National Park, Thailand and Hala Bala Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand. Being 130 million year old, Royal Belum is among the oldest rain forest in the world. It has biodiversity more than any other areas. Some of the main attraction is Rafflesia flowers, Hornbills, magnificent waterfalls, salt licks, wildlife such as elephants, tigers, deers, wild boars, monkeys and tapir.


Bamboo Rafting @ Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia

Do you know that bamboo raft is a regular transportation for people in the rainforest? It is easy to build and u can get the material to build it everywhere. Enjoy the video!

Royal Belum State Park Camping Trip

Royal Belum Activity Map

Map courtesy of Google and information by BOA team.

Contact us for the list of waterfalls and locations of the Rafflesia.

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Eco-Adventure Activties @ Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia.

Royal Belum State Park, Perak, Malaysia can be accessed through 4 hrs driving from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or 3 hrs driving from Penang Island. Visitors require permits to enter the State Park which can be applied 2 weeks prior to arrival. Being 130 million years old, Royal Belum is among the oldest rain forest in the world. It has biodiversity more than any other areas in Malaysia.

Some of the main attraction is Raflesia flowers (species: Azlanii, Cantleyii and Kerrii), Hornbills (10 species), cooling and refreshing waterfalls (Ruok, Kejar, Mes, Semelian, Ko’oi, Belangan, Tiang, Papan, Gen and etc), Salt Licks (estimated at 60 sites altogether), among the accessible site are Sira / Jenut Papan, Sira Rambai, Sira Selantan etc, wildlife (elephant, tiger, gaur, deer, barking deer, mouse deer, snakes, insects, butterflies, fishes, tapir, wild boar, monkeys, squirrels etc).

A common aboriginal or Orang Asli found within Royal Belum is the Jahai Tribe. Locations of their villages are up river in Tiang and Kejar River and remote locations inside the rain forest.

Photography Part 1 @ Royal Belum / Temenggor

Season Open For Outdoor Lovers

boa5This October 2009, the season open again for any outdoor enthusiasts and we welcome all to join us in our trips and activities. Northern Perak is offering tremendous sites and activities. Caves in Lenggong, Perak Man for those who loves archealogy, waterfalls and tropical rainforests, fishing, bird watching, camping, jungle trekking, team building and corporate training.

Belum Outdoor Adventure (BOA) offers 200pax island facility complete with kitchen, dining hall, training hall, 2pax chalet, family room, dormitories, surau, showers and viewing area.

BOA Trainers and Tour Guides has more than 20 years experience within the surrounding area. We can also cater for any family activities, team building or corporate training. It is our responsibility to make sure each individual understands the safety aspect since there will be boat transfers and rainforest. Insurance is also available from us.boa7

Team building and corporate training can be designed to specific requirements. We always encourage self-confidence and teamwork in all our program.

For those whore more adventurous, campsites are also available to cater up to 50pax at one time. Boat ride will take approximately 30-45 minutes to Sungai Kejar boa8Campsite, 20-30 minutes to Sungai Tiang and Sungai Papan campsite. All campsites are inside Royal Belum State Park which require permits and registration with the authority. Please allow 7 days prior to your arrival for permit application.

Visit to animal feeding area, Rafflesia flowers (if blooms), Orang Asli Settlement, chilling Waterfalls, colorful tropical rainforest insects and flowers, is a must to outdoor fanatics like us. It will a wonderful experience for guests and visitors to enjoy the moment.

boa6For team bigger than 7 pax, please arrange with us 1 month prior to you visit to this area so we can arrange transportation, accommodation, meals, insurance, clearance and boat transfer.

For fishing lovers, please bring your rods. Photographers, make sure you have enough memory cards. Safety is our number one priority to all visitors and FUN is our main objective.

BOA team is ready to serve and make your trip enjoyable. Call us for more details.