Wonderful 2D1N Visit to Royal Belum (16-17th Nov 2013)


Last 16-17th Nov 2013, as part of BOA Visit Malaysia Year 2014 initiative, we spent 2D1N on the Houseboat visiting the Royal Belum and it was a wonderful visit. Eventhough it was a short 2D1N, we had fun visiting the Rafflesia (both species bloomed, Azlanii and Cantleyii), the Jahai tribe, juicy BBQ and rainy night, fun games in the lake, river trekking and fish sanctuary @ Ruok waterfall. Some won the Sleepy Owl award, Ellie the Fat Elephant and Holly the Hornbill.

Here are some photos you to enjoy.

If you like to join us in our 2D1N trip, register yourself by visiting this page. Why not get yourself to the rainforest and spend your weekend with us?


Jahai Tribe of Belum Valley, Malaysia

The Jahai are one of the nineteen Orang Asli people groups living in Peninsular Malaysia. They are classified under the Negrito (or Semang) subgroup. They refer to themselves as Jah Jehai or Orang Semang.

The Jahai, like all other ethnic groups of the Negrito, are generally of short stature with darker skin and have more curly hair. Jahai settlements are by the rivers and lakes located in the Jeli district of Kelantan and the Hulu Perak district of Perak.

One such settlement is at the edge of the Temengor Lake located in the State of Perak.

Royal Belum State Park Camping Trip

BOA Perak Eco-Adventure Trip

Up for a challenge of a lifetime? On Day 1, check in into Gopeng rainforest night and relax yourself while we entertain you with local foods and performance. Ice breaking is a must and we’ll prepare you with the trip schedule.

On Day 2, you’ll face the unexpected underground experience in the mystical – eerie – Kandu Cave and for a chance to shoot trough the rapids of Kampar River all in a day! Caving is perfect for you if  you’re scared of the dark, for what is a great outing if not to take you out of your comfort zone? Face your fears! By the end of the day you would have conquered your claustrophobia and achluophobia!

The clear water of Kampar River (Class I-III) is suitable for anyone who is physically fit and those who crave for mild technical adventure whilst safely enjoy a rafting trip.

On the river, you’ll have the thrills of tackling exciting rapids and floating down the clear water river amidst a lush rainforest. You will ride the continuous rapids graded from class I-III, and continue down river, passing by some old tin mining plains. Have fun during the rafting like do some body-rafting or even take a spin in the raft with your head in the water….or just get to the traditional fun of water fight with your fellow rafters! Get wet and get in touch with nature once more!

On Day 3, you will experience the best of nature, 130 million years rainforest. Setup your camp and we will guide you through insect bites, leeches and roar of tigers at night. If you think rainforest is so quiet, come experience the nature yourself! Its a jungle out there!! If on Day 1, you raft on rubber and glide through rapids, now you’ll have the experience of the natives, build your own bamboo raft (we will give you bamboos and ropes of course) and paddle it down to Orang Asli village for some traditional dance and blowpipe presentation. You can try it, but please don’t try it at home.

On Day 4, you’ll get closer to nature when we jungle trek to wild animal observation tower and if we are lucky, mouse deer, wild boar, or even tigers will come and sip from their salt lick while we watch on the hut quietly. Dip yourself into the cool and fresh waterfall of Ruok, where Kelah (mahseer) fish is breed and release to the lake. Its like going to fish spa, thousands of Kelah will surround you while you are in the water. Don’t think of Piranha, this Kelah fish don’t eat flesh. You then wil check out from Royal Belum and indulge yourself into nice bed of Banding Lakeside Inn and spent the night with fresh local BBQ by the swimming pool.

On Day 5, get yourself active again and release your stress by shooting paintballs, glide through our flying fox and rock climbing. if you think you are tough enough to experience this 5 days and 4 nights hectic eco-adventure activities, pack your bags and call us! All the trip schedule can be altered to fit you schedule and timing.

Royal Belum : Activities & Photos

Low impact activities and photos towards Biodiversity and Conservation of Royal Belum, Temenggor Forest Reserve area  and other surrounding areas. Its educational and fun!

Season Open For Outdoor Lovers

boa5This October 2009, the season open again for any outdoor enthusiasts and we welcome all to join us in our trips and activities. Northern Perak is offering tremendous sites and activities. Caves in Lenggong, Perak Man for those who loves archealogy, waterfalls and tropical rainforests, fishing, bird watching, camping, jungle trekking, team building and corporate training.

Belum Outdoor Adventure (BOA) offers 200pax island facility complete with kitchen, dining hall, training hall, 2pax chalet, family room, dormitories, surau, showers and viewing area.

BOA Trainers and Tour Guides has more than 20 years experience within the surrounding area. We can also cater for any family activities, team building or corporate training. It is our responsibility to make sure each individual understands the safety aspect since there will be boat transfers and rainforest. Insurance is also available from us.boa7

Team building and corporate training can be designed to specific requirements. We always encourage self-confidence and teamwork in all our program.

For those whore more adventurous, campsites are also available to cater up to 50pax at one time. Boat ride will take approximately 30-45 minutes to Sungai Kejar boa8Campsite, 20-30 minutes to Sungai Tiang and Sungai Papan campsite. All campsites are inside Royal Belum State Park which require permits and registration with the authority. Please allow 7 days prior to your arrival for permit application.

Visit to animal feeding area, Rafflesia flowers (if blooms), Orang Asli Settlement, chilling Waterfalls, colorful tropical rainforest insects and flowers, is a must to outdoor fanatics like us. It will a wonderful experience for guests and visitors to enjoy the moment.

boa6For team bigger than 7 pax, please arrange with us 1 month prior to you visit to this area so we can arrange transportation, accommodation, meals, insurance, clearance and boat transfer.

For fishing lovers, please bring your rods. Photographers, make sure you have enough memory cards. Safety is our number one priority to all visitors and FUN is our main objective.

BOA team is ready to serve and make your trip enjoyable. Call us for more details.