Kerabu Pucuk Paku & Kerang

A must try dish when you are in Perak, known as “Kerabu Pucuk Paku & Kerang” or “Vegetable Fern with Fresh Cockle Salad”. Freshly prepared with coconut milk and local ingredients, make it a special dish that goes together with local fish cooked in any style. Join us and try this delicious salad on our journey into nature!


Come and visit Royal Belum, Malaysia in 2016

Discover Royal Belum 2015

The 2Days 1night program is back for 2015. Reserve your seat by clicking the poster below. See you in Royal Belum!

Panoramic view from Sungai Tiang Basecamp, Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia.


24-25th May : Discover Royal Belum Trip

Yet another trip into Royal Belum was done on 24-25th May 2014. Dead rafflesia, Jahai village, lantern bugs, lake, BBQ, waterfall and plenty of fun.

Sunset BBQ @ Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia.

Our normal trip with sunset BBQ into Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia.

17-18yh May 2014 Discover Royal Belum Trip