Panoramic view from Sungai Tiang Basecamp, Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia.


24-25th May : Discover Royal Belum Trip

Yet another trip into Royal Belum was done on 24-25th May 2014. Dead rafflesia, Jahai village, lantern bugs, lake, BBQ, waterfall and plenty of fun.

Sunset BBQ @ Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia.

Our normal trip with sunset BBQ into Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia.

17-18yh May 2014 Discover Royal Belum Trip



Rafflesia Blooms In Belum

During our visit to Royal Belum State Park last weekend, 2 Rafflesias are blooming at the same time.

26-27th April 2014: Discover Royal Belum & Belum-Temenggor


We enjoy BBQ as much we enjoy entertaining our guests.

For every houseboating trip in Royal Belum, BBQ and good eat is a must for us. We enjoy doing our BBQ as much as we enjoy entertaining our customers on board. Serve with local and western menu, come enjoy or BBQ nite under millions of stars and mesmerising sunset of Belum, the oldest rainforest in the world.