WWR Adventure Ulu Slim, Perak, Malaysia.

Only 1hr 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, join us rafting in Ulu Slim, Perak, Malaysia.

Sahom Outdoor Camp – Suitable for outdoor training program.


Sunset @ Sungai Tiang, Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia.


Magnificent view of the sunset at Royal Belum State Park. Come and join us.

Souvenir from the Rainforest

Ain’t this lovely gifts from the rainforest, eh?

These are normally will be given away during our 2D1N Discover Royal Belum game session.

Wonderful 2D1N Visit to Royal Belum (16-17th Nov 2013)


Last 16-17th Nov 2013, as part of BOA Visit Malaysia Year 2014 initiative, we spent 2D1N on the Houseboat visiting the Royal Belum and it was a wonderful visit. Eventhough it was a short 2D1N, we had fun visiting the Rafflesia (both species bloomed, Azlanii and Cantleyii), the Jahai tribe, juicy BBQ and rainy night, fun games in the lake, river trekking and fish sanctuary @ Ruok waterfall. Some won the Sleepy Owl award, Ellie the Fat Elephant and Holly the Hornbill.

Here are some photos you to enjoy.

If you like to join us in our 2D1N trip, register yourself by visiting this page. Why not get yourself to the rainforest and spend your weekend with us?


Hornbill of Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia


Teambuilding @ Belum Rainforest Resort