Moving Around in Perak

Some basic information on getting around in Perak. Getting to tourist spots in Perak can be tricky, however, public transport can be annoying if we don’t plan ahead or no information about it. Here are some tips.


From KL, go to Pudu Bus Station or Jalan Duta Bus Station to get to major town in Perak (Ipoh, Tanjung Malim, Slim River, Kampar, Bidor, Lumut, Teluk Intan, Bagan Dato, Setiawan, Kuala Kangsar, Taiping, Lenggong and Gerik).

From Ipoh, you can get bus to Lumut (from Medan Kidd), Lenggong/Gerik, Kuala Kangsar, Taiping, Tanjung Malim and any small town along the bus route. However, the buses coming from KL stop at Medan Gopeng and you have to spend around RM12 to get to Medan Kidd if you’re going around Perak by bus. Around Ipoh, you can get around on Perak Transit. If you are going to Royal Belum, take a bus to Gerik town from Medan Kidd and get a van ride to the jetty at RM10/person. However, if you’re staying at one of the hotel in Banding, you can get the hotel to fetch you in Gerik town.

If you arrive in Gerik early morning (if you take Transnasional or Shamisha Holidays bus from KL), you can stay in the motel around town before getting a van ride to the jetty before you enter Royal Belum.

You can also take buses from Kuala Kangsar, Taiping, Lumut, Gerik and Tanjung Malim to any town in Perak.


Train is only from KL main station or KL Sentral. Either you take the normal train to major town in Perak or take the ETS which run from Kl to Ipoh every scheduled hour. If you arrive at the train station, you can walk to Medan Kidd (Perak in state bus station) and take bus ride to major town in Perak. Or you can also walk to taxi stand in Medan Kidd. Taxi that operates in Ipoh do not run on meters, so you can negotiate the price. Make sure you get a good price to your destination.

You can also take train from Butterworth (Penang) and take southbound train to all major towns in Perak.


Ipoh has an airport. Pulau Pangkor also has an airstrip, only Berjaya Air lands there. Gerik has an airstrip, however, its only for military purposes. Setiawan also have an airstrip, we never seen a single big plane land there. There are plans to open 2nd LCCT in Kerian district, near Bukit Merah.

You can take a flight from Singapore to Ipoh. Checkout the Airasia, Firefly or Malaysia Airlines schedule for detail.


Driving to Perak or any major town in Perak is the best way to get around. Take the PLUS highway from KL, also from Penang through major town like Tanjung Malim, Slim River, Bidor, Tapah, Ipoh, Kuala Kangsa, Taiping and Bukit Gantang. The highway is connected with Lumut/Ipoh Expressway, Baling Kulim Expressway (BKE),East-West Highway to Kelantan but you have to exit in Kuala Kangsar or Sungai Siput from PLUS. All rest areas along the highway provide good directions where you want to go in Perak, good food and souvenirs.

Driving from Kelang (Selangor) or Kuala Selangor wil get you to Teluk Intan and Manjung/Lumut. Its a fun drive through towns on the west coast. Stop by for seafood and delicious Perak style cooking. You can also drive from Bentong/Raub (Pahang) straight to Cameron Highlands and come down to Tapah or Simpang Pulai. The road also directs you to Gua Musang (Kelantan).

From Penang, you can drive through Kulim, Baling and Pengkalan Hulu to gets to Gerik, Ipoh or straight to Kelantan. Likewise from Kelantan.

From Lumut, you can drive through the old roads through Manong, Kuala Kangsar and Lenggong to Gerik or Pengkalan Hulu. Be carefully, driving through the old roads can be dangerous, be aware of pedestrians, motobikers without helmets, animals (cows, goats and buffaloes crossings), sharp turns and edges, low light and narrow.

The best way is, BUY a ROAD MAP before you start your journey to Perak and make sure you know the name of the locations because the local are so friendly, they are willing to help giving us directions. However, without the correct names, they can also get confused.

If you want more info, leave us a message, we will help you with directions.

Cheers – BOA team

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