BOA Outdoor Trails: Tasik Raban, Lenggong, Perak

Located ont he way from Ipoh / Kuala Kangsar to Lenggong/Gerik, Tasik Raban a wonderfull views of Bintang Hijau forest reserve and Lenggong hillside areas. New bridge, Raja Nazrin Shah bridge passes thru the lake on the way to Hulu Perak. You can take the old road, exit at Sauk or prior to the bridge and follow the old roads to Tasik Raban old rest area. The place is by the lake, has some restaurants open an outdoor center, TOP.

Tasik Raban is a popular natural lake in Perak consisting several connected water bodies surrounded by pristine greenery. This scenic area is an angler’s paradise and it also supports a small freshwater fish farming industry. Visitors can buy freshwater Tilapia fish straight from cages placed in the lake that provides livelihood to the local folks. Tasik Raban is also famous for “sour dried fish” or Ikan Pekasam.

You can see lone fishermen in small boats with their nets besides fish cages where the fishes are being bred.  You also can see a flock of white birds resting on tree tops and they would occasionally fly in formation

Pack your sleeping bags, don’t forget your cameras, make trip to Tasik Raban, you will fall in love with this place.

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