Visit to Lower Belum-Temenggor Valley 6-3-2010

Lower Belum-Temenggor Valley is a majestically green and give a stress free environment to any guests. Our visit this time is focus on the Rafflesia site at Sungai Gadong, visit to Orang Asli village, Kampung Chuweh and lunch by the Kiroi Waterfall nearby Kampung Chuweh.

Our trip to Sungai Gadong area was greeted by 2 hornbills and 2 white eagles beautifully flown from trees to trees trying to avoid us. Sungai Gadong Rafflesia site had one flower and almost at the end of the blooming days, no new flowers are sighted. Our next boat ride was to Kampung Chuweh to visit the Orang Asli which was known to make fantastic  handicrafts for visitors. Our arrival was greeted by one of the old man, father in law to the Ketua Kampung and which later showed us the blowpipe and shoot some ammo towards the buah nangka (jackfruit).

Later in the afternoon we drop by Waterfall Kiroi which is nearby for some packed lunch before heading back to Pulau Tali Kail for the rest. However, on the way back, we saw a big ferry full of timbers on the way to its collection point. It was sad seeing that given the act of conservation in the area, there are still plenty of logging activities.

What can we do to help conservation? Its impossible to stop the logging, but how can we work together to help preserve the environment for our future? Surely, there are ways we can work out.


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