Camping Sungai Tepas, Royal Belum State Park 26-28 Feb 2010

Located deep in Royal Belum State Park, Sungai Tepas Campsite used to be the only campsite before going into Sungai Kejar and deep into Royal Belum. First day stop at Sungai Ruok, Klah Sanctuary by the Dapartment of Fisheries and visit to Jenut Papan to see the animal salt lick.  Cool and refreshing Ruok Waterfalls is still at its best and fishing is not allowed here. Only take you dip into the water.

Second day was full of adventure and charity work. We had jungle trekking to Sira Rambai (animal salt lick), up north along side Sungai Kejar. Along the way, guests spent some time cleaning all the plastics left by the visitors to Royal Belum.

In the afternoon, we headed to Mes Waterfall for a good dip before back to campsite. At night we cook some of the fish given by the orang asli nearby, Toman, Tebras and Baung.

After breakfast on third day at campsite, we visit Orang Asli vilage, Kampung Bongor, Sungai Kejar to learn few tricks of the jungle and seeing their way of living. We had good chat and exposure by the Ketua Kampung, Mat Shah. Government has built new houses for them and new village hall and school are coming as well. However, given the fact that they are comfortable living in their traditional hut, most of the orang asli has built new hut further up the hill. They said new house is to hot for them.

Later we we pack up the campsite, we had a stop at post Xray Rafflesia site to see the Cantleyii.

BOA Team.

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  1. best sgt2 tmpt ni…….

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