How far do we want to go doing what we love?

The Kenderong and Kerunai Mountain - Northern Perak (Hulu Perak) Twin Peaks

Its Just Us!

I’ve lived in not-so-busy area my whole life. Went to school not in Kuala Lumpur environment, completed my petroleum engineering degree in a very small school half way up the Colorado Rockies. Never stayed longer than a month in a place which has more than 100 cars.

Got married soon enough with my high-school sweet heart and been stationed half way around the earth before moving back to not-so-familiar town, Kuala Lumpur. We only managed to stay for couple years before heart says its time to move on. This time, back home, Gerik, Perak.

Sold part of my engineering company in Kuala Lumpur while maintaining some, we started Belum Outdoor Adventure. Kids love it when we moved back, time move very slow and it’s the best time ever. Of course, adapting it’s not that difficult, been back for holidays for so many time. Plus all the river diving, cold waterfalls, animals (wild and tamed), long un-use aero runway good enough for Uzma and Luqman rollerblading activities, KFC, nice bookstores, and cold fresh breathing nights. My kids never had Athma/Sinus since.

Kids pretty much love it when Atuk and Opah are nearby, since they will get whatever they ask for, all the time!

Not to make a big difference in kids, Azian started the English reading circle, teach English and got involved in community services soon after new year started (i guess her psychology degree is make into good use anyway). Differences in Longitude and Latitude doesn’t mean the environment at home should be different as well. While maintaining the good habit at home, we enjoyed the slow moving living in Gerik, Perak. I thought living near the Equator will make time move slower (Gerik in Northern so it’s away from the Equator), it’s the other way around!!

Anyway, we got our own shop selling the outdoor stuff and coordinating guests going into the Royal Belum State Park area during the weekend or holidays. While doing so, we got ourselves into unknown territory of eco-tourism and started exploring other areas within Northern Perak (Hulu Perak).

Being close to the state park, big man made lake “Tasik Temenggor” and magnificent environment, make it easier for us to promote this area. So many activities can be done, fishing, bird watching, visit the Orang Asli, camping, waterfalling, and jumping into the lake. I did’nt know this area have 10 species of Hornbills and couple of Rafflesia species.

Little we know it, we are developing other areas as well. And we enjoy doing what we love.

You guys have got to get your butt down here, it’s so “green”, I’m telling you seriously.

Hisham Yusof (Founder Belum Outdoor Adventure)

2 Responses

  1. Love every piece of your writings. I wish i could have kind of life.

  2. Nice writings hisham. I really do envy you.

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