Products: Aqua Dermis, Biocarbon, Eucarbon, Arnica Gel

Aqua Dermis


Aqua Dermis Liquid Cleanser

Aqua Dermis is a mild non irritant liquid cleanser with skin friendly pH of 5.8. Its acidic pH restores and maintains skin acid layer which help protect the skin. Ideal for all skin conditions and suitable for outdoor.


Bio Carbon Tablets

Biocarbon active ingredient is activated charcoal and suitable for diarrhoea, particularly when travelling in countries with increased hygenic risks (change of food, travel and summer diarrhoea, development of gasses or air in the intestine, flatulances.


Eucarbon Tablets

Eucarbon active ingredient is Carbo ligni (wood charcoal), extract of Rheum palmatum linne and extract of Cassia angustifolia vahl leaf. These ingredients are traditionally used for the relief of constipation. Taken 1 or 2 tablets after meals with some liquid for adults and children above 2 years is 1 tablet at meal.

Arnica Comp Gel

Arnica gel contains montana ex herba usum externum and this ingredients are normally used for mino wounds and to reduce external swelling. Apply the gel over the affected area three times a day. This is a herbal products.

Arnica Gel for Swelling

Arnica Gel for Swelling

This products is marketed in Malaysia by Bio-pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd and available at BOA Shop.

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  1. plez tell me macam mana nak book aqua dermis

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