3D2N Pangkor Island Adventure


Pangkor Island white sandy beach and friendly islander waiting to greet you.

Pangkor Island is one of the popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. Located along the Straits of Malacca, it is one of island destinations around the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia which belongs to the state of Perak. This island is known for its fishing supply as well as tourism where it welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Among activities for 3D2N island adventure includes:

  • Snorkeling @ Pulau Giam
  • ATV ride Pangkor Hill
  • Tour the fish industries
  • Visit the Dutch Fort historical complex
  • Feed the Hornbill
  • Relax the island way
  • Enjoy the local seafood BBQ and other local dish

3D2N Nature Exploration Camp @ Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia.

Explore the nature and learn the rain forest way. Our 3D2N Nature Exploration Camp introduce children to basic survival skills while exploring nature, some basic about flora and fauna of Royal Belum 130 million years rainforest. Exploring the jungle need some skills. Well at least we know the jungle ethics of what to do and don’t. Learn to conserve nature while protecting our massive biodiversity.

2D1N Leisure trip Royal Belum State Park, Perak, Malaysia

Royal Belum State Park leisure trip, so what do we do? Check out list of activities available for our guest during your trip.

3D2N Kayak Expedition, Lenggong, Malaysia

Explore Lake Raban, Lenggong on Kayak. Visit the 7 waterfalls surrounding the lake and UNESCO World Heritage site in Lenggong, Perak.



Inverterbrates of Royal Belum.

Bring your macro lense and join us in Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia.

WWR Adventure Ulu Slim, Perak, Malaysia.

Only 1hr 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, join us rafting in Ulu Slim, Perak, Malaysia.

Sahom Outdoor Camp – Suitable for outdoor training program.