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BOA Outdoor Trails: Gua Tempurung, Gopeng, Perak

About 25 km from Ipoh you can find the Gua Tempurung / Tempurung Caves. Just follow the old road from Simpang Pulai and Gopeng towards Kuala Lumpur, you will see the entrance to this caves on your left. Or drive 8km to the north from Kampar. There is no public transport to the caves so you need to come by your own transport or a taxi. Although the caves a bit away from Ipoh they are an absolute must to see. You will not regret your visit to the Gua Tempurung in the southern limestone mountains from Ipoh. The caves are some of the most beautiful caves in Malaysia.

The caves stretch out through the limestone mountains for about 2 km. There is an underground river system at the bottom of the cave and at some point visitors have to crawl through the water, keeping the heads down from one cave to another. The cave is full with stalactites and stalagmites which remember me my Geology 101 class back then in school. Creating 1 inch of them can take up to 200 years.

There’s something for everyone. If you feel you are not in for a long and deep walk in the caves, you can do a 40 minutes great walk (always with guide) through comfortable paths, see and feel the wind tunnel and enjoy the bright of the wide open caves.

Longer treks are possible. The longest trek takes about 3 hours but can only be done if the water level is low enough. Entrance ticket go from RM 6 to 22 (adults) and RM 2,50 to RM 11 (children) depending on the duration of the cave trek.

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